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“The program is a holistic. Not only do they help you with an internship and getting on-the-job experience before you graduate, but if I need any help with the VA or have questions about the GI Bill or just a general question, I can go to them and they’ll help me.”

- Jason Sneddon, former dod intern


“For people who are hesitant about applying, just do it. It doesn’t mean you have to take an internship, but it opens up the door and gives you options. It’s a great résumé-builder and a great opportunity.”

- Ankit Panchal, former dod intern

After their departure, partners spoke to

the value of VTEC interns

“Natividad Pestaña was a great help to bringing up our test labs. Natividad is a self-motivated individual and a hard worker. Her flexibility to adopt and adapt to new technology, concepts, and tasks with limited direction made her the perfect fit for our small team. She interfaced directly with hardware vendors to acquire software and firmware for our current and legacy equipment and systems. She installed, tested, and upgraded the software/firmware as needed and followed up directly with vendors to resolve incompatibility issues. Additionally, she installed, configured, and verified industry standard and vendor specific proprietary communication protocols for our lab equipment. Although Natividad was very productive while working independently, she also contributed greatly in collaboration with our engineers in the design and assembly of our first test station. As a new startup, Natividad's work here has resulted in significant time and resource savings for Axalume during the process of assessing and building out our lab testing capabilities.”

- Axalume, inc. representative

“Dan Vandiver interned with Atlazo Inc. this past summer. He was tasked with creating a TCP/IP server and client running on the Raspbian operating system to be used to drive Atlazo’s test chip. Dan created a Python server and client stack running on a Raspberry Pi 3 to be able to communicate and configure our test chips in the lab. He successfully used this setup to demonstrate, bring-up, and configuring Atlazo test chips over Wi-Fi. Prior to this work, our lab setup consisted of a chip bring-up board connected to a FPGA board. This FPGA had to be configured to control the device under test. Any time a change was needed to the control mechanism, the FPGA image had to be rebuilt (and often debugged), a time-consuming task. With Dan’s server and client running in software, we can get rid of the FPGA platform altogether. The system is now much more flexible.

The entire team at Atlazo was impressed with Dan’s dedication and work ethic. He was new to the work that we asked of him, but his desire to learn and his persistence paid off. This is a great productivity enhancement for Atlazo and his work will be used for all future silicon bring-up and testing.”

- atlazo representative

“Jeff Foertsch served as a computer science intern working with the company this past Summer. Jeff was responsible for a project involving Monte Carlo method applied to find optimal parameter set for the solver engine developed at MemComputing, Inc. His work was excellent and exceeded our expectations. Jeff was focused, articulate and well-prepared each day. His contributions to help us reach important technical milestones are much appreciated. His professionalism, flexibility to change and quick wit will serve him well in his future career. It was a pleasure having Jeff serve on our team. His good-natured presence will be missed!”

- Memcomputing, inc. representative