Roles and Responsibilities for Principal Investigators and Interns

The role of managing a VTEC project is a shared responsibility between the Principal Investigator, the Office of Naval Research, the assigned Intern(s), and the Staff of the VTEC Workforce Management Office located at California State University San Marcos.

The purpose of the below information is to define the roles of the Principal Investigator and the VTEC Intern as they pertain to one another and to the VTEC Workforce Management Office.


Role of the Principal Investigator (PI)

The Principal Investigator is both responsible for the success of their research project and the mentorship and training of the VTEC Intern(s) assigned to the project, to include compliance with administrative policies set forth by the VWMO Staff for the advancement of the Intern in the VTEC program.

These responsibilities of the VTEC Project Principal Investigator upon receiving the sponsored project award include the following:

 Update VTEC Project descriptions using this fillable form.

 Interview and select Intern applicants vetted and proposed to the Principal Investigator by the VWMO Staff

 Maintain open communication with the VWMO Staff, assigned VTEC Interns, and proposed VTEC Applicants

 Train VTEC Interns during the lifecycle of the project using effective mentoring styles and techniques

 Complete monthly PI check-ins

 Participate in periodic, in-person, real-time check-ins with a designated VWMO Staff member

 Work toward the overall goal of mentoring the Intern in DoD workforce employment options, in line with the Nation’s STEM workforce initiative goals in sustaining and growing the profession.


Role of the Intern

The VTEC Intern is responsible for the following upon acceptance into the program ad assignment to a VTEC project:

 Maintain qualified status for the VTEC program

 Complete weekly check-ins by the end of each week via the VWMO website

 Complete monthly check-ins via Zoom with a designated VWMO Staff member

 Keep documents required for continual eligibility up-to-date, i.e. transcripts, auto insurance.

 Maintain communication with the Principle Investigator and VWMO Staff in case of illness, travel, or other events precluding the Intern from completing agreed-upon project hours