Engineered Surface Wettability for Enhanced Boiling Heat Transport


Dr. Justin Weibel

Overview: Extreme heat fluxes must be dissipated in the next-generation military electronics systems to prevent the deterioration of electrical performance and reliability at high temperatures. Efficient thermal management of electronics is also critical to operation of electrified vehicles, renewable energy technologies, data centers, and other computational systems. Your internship in the NEPTUNE Center for Power and Energy Research will explore fundamental issues related to the development of novel techniques for high-performance heat removal from compact spaces through combined experimental and modeling approaches. Our current project is related to the understanding of surface wettability on boiling process. This research will enable the development of improved thermal management technologies, and will have broader impacts on widespread energy production processes where liquid-to-vapor phase change is an energy transfer process.

Preferred academic backgrounds include: Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, or Chemical Engineering.

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