Energy Engineering Intern

Hawaii Public Utilities Commission

As part of the 2018 Energy Internship Program sponsored by the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission is seeking an engineering student interested in the energy/utility sector for a ten-week internship.

The selected intern will work in downtown Honolulu, HI. The intern will receive a stipend from NARUC while supporting the development of energy efficiency programs in Hawaii. NARUC will provide a stipend of $5,000 payable directly to the intern in two installments for a 10- week internship. NARUC requires that the intern prepare a short report at the end of the internship, detailing work activities and accomplishments.

Job Description: The intern will support the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission in the development of energy efficiency programs administered by Hawai‘i Energy. The Energy Engineering Intern will participate in regular utility collaboration meetings and assist with research in areas of technology identification, pilot design, customer acquisition, and the development of evaluation metrics. Additionally, the intern will assist with evaluating the potential for energy efficiency and demand response at customer sites by working with Hawai‘i Energy engineers to review building energy usage, electro-mechanical system and customer behavior.

Role 1: IDSM – HECO collaboration

  • Develop a perspective into critical issues presented by an extremely high penetration of distributed renewables on the electric grid
  • Research solutions to challenges posed by distributed renewables penetration, such as demand response
  • Participate in collaboration meetings with the electric utility on such topics as demand response pilot program design, customer acquisition and development of evaluation metrics

Role 2: Energy in Decision Making

  • Work with the Continuous Energy Improvement team to evaluate the potential for energy efficiency in commercial facilities through energy bill analysis, end-use audits and behavioral and operational optimization
  • Develop and deliver presentations for events and meetings and participate in community events
  • Write technical summaries and briefs for both technical and non-technical audiences

Role 3: Energy Engineering Support

  • Develop energy savings calculations for the program’s Technical Resource Manual
  • Analyze billing and utility data (post project reviews, rates, weatherization, and anomalies)
  • Develop and review measurement and verification (M&V) plans, perform M&V activities and analyze data to determine savings and costs of projects
  • Review energy efficiency calculations and energy models
  • Perform pre and post inspection site visits. Review plans and project documents to perform quality control of surveys and installations
  • Perform site visits to conduct building energy audits to identify major energy consumption areas and optimize building operation, lighting, controls and HVAC equipment operation
  • Problem solve practical program implementation challenges in real-time with the Hawaii Energy team
  • Interface with industry stakeholders including distributors, trade allies and customers through meetings and outreach events

Education: Currently enrolled in an accredited Engineering Bachelor’s degree program. Preferably enrolled in a masters/graduate level program or recently graduated (in the past 12 months).

Required Skills: Strong technical, quantitative and analytic capabilities including technical report writing and advanced spreadsheet analysis. Ability to manage multiple tasks and prioritize tasks to meet deadlines. Demonstrated ability to, work independently as well as within cross functional teams. Valid Driver’s license required. Physical ability to perform energy audits and field verification of pre and post installation of energy efficiency measures.

To apply, follow the application process and mention this opportunity when you fill out the form.