Beta-gallium oxide for naval RF power electronics applications


Prof. Peide D. Ye and Prof. Peter Bermel

Overview: With increasing interest in electrical drive for vehicles, plus an increasing array of electronic devices, power electronics now play an important role in many technologies. While new power electronic materials such as gallium nitride have recently emerged, another class of materials, known as ultra- wide bandgap semiconductors, have potential for even higher power conversion efficiencies and speeds. One specific candidate material is known as beta-gallium oxide. In this project, we will study the properties of this material, particularly with respect to its surface. While certain techniques for improving performance have been built and tested by our group, we will use complementary techniques to explore a broader range of possibilities. If successful, this effort may lead to a major improvement in DoD electronic systems, including radars and communication, electrical drives, plus navigation and munition electronics.

Preferred academic backgrounds include: Electrical Engineering, Physics, or Mechanical Engineering, with particular emphasis on semiconductor devices and materials.

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