Microgrid Adversary Design and Mentality (MADMen)

San Diego, CA - NIWICK

Overview: The primary objective for MADMen is to create a cyber adversary behavior model for Navy microgrids. This model will allow analysts to more effectively test their networks and mitigate potential attacks by identifying areas likely to be attacked and/or weak points within their network.

MADMen has the following top-level objectives:
I. Develop a cyber adversary behavior model that will provide state based analysis into how an attacker would penetrate a microgrid network
II. Deploy proxy microgrid for testing and experimentation
III. Identify defender strategies and evaluate ramifications of various microgrid design decisions
IV. Demonstrate MADMen’s ability to test real-world networks and mitigate potential attacks

Intern Responsibilities: 

-Cyber adversary modeling

-Microgrid design and modeling

Education Prerequisites: Cyber Security, Programming

Preferred Major(s): Computer Science

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