Smart Plug And Meter Side channel Analysis of Networked Devices With Inference from Consumption Habits (SPAMSANDWICH)


Project Overview: Smart Plug And Meter Side channel Analysis of Networked Devices With Inference from Consumption Habits (SPAMSANDWICH) seeks to observe the effects of malware activity on Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) devices through the analysis of power consumption side channels as reported by common smart plug or smart metering solutions. Power consumption patterns have been shown to provide considerable detail on the current state of various devices, particularly in the identification of devices that may be compromised or malfunctioning. Side channel analysis provides a convenient, covert, out-of-band means of monitoring a device for anomalous behavior, in both the logical and physical domains. This project seeks to determine if common energy monitoring products such as smart plugs or smart meters provide a suitable platform for collecting the volume and quality of data for identifying anomalous operational states of SCADA devices. Much of the continued effort is conducted in a lab setting, with potential fieldwork in later stages of the project. SPAMSANDWICH is currently in its first year of funding, with completion expected in fiscal year 2019. The SPAMSANDWICH team includes computer scientists, security researchers, and electrical engineers.

Intern Responsibilities: Conduct cyber-focused side-channel lab experiments on a variety of devices, including documentation of configuration, process, and results. Continue development on machine learning algorithms, using experimental data for training and testing. Continue development on 3D user interface, allowing clear visualization of data features and findings.

Considered Major(s): Computer Science

Qualifications:  Software development, particularly in Python and C#. Interest in game programming, machine learning, or cyber security. Understanding of common penetration testing tools such as Metasploit a definite plus.

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