Project Overview: The objective of the project is to evaluate the Building Energy Management Open-Source Software (BEMOSS), an open source platform for building energy management, and extend it to improve its security and energy saving. We will execute the project into two phases. In the first phase, we will focus on evaluating the effectiveness of BEMOSS in saving energy in a medium-size office building. BEMOSS will be deployed in our lab with a simulated building environment. This will enable the testing and analysis of BEMOSS. In the second phase of the project, we will extend BEMOSS to incorporate autonomic techniques to analyze the data generated by BEMOSS to further enhance the energy saving in buildings and the security of the system. We will leverage the Anomaly Behavior Analysis (ABA) technique developed at the Cloud and Autonomic Center at the University of Arizona for the autonomic analysis of the communications between the different components of the system with the goal of detecting security threats to the system. We will provide a detailed analysis of the performance of BEMOSS in reducing energy consumption in medium size buildings. Furthermore, we will also evaluate the functionality, efficiency, scalability, and usability of BEMOSS.

Intern Responsibilities: Participate in the specification, development, and testing of systems and applications. Optionally, participate in research papers writing for international conferences and journals.

Considered Major(s): Computer Science

Qualifications:  Interested in cloud computing, internet of things, and/or secure computing.

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