Hypercritical Operational Technology Mitigation of Embedded Sploit Syndrome (HOTMESS)


Project Overview: Hypercritical Operational Technology Mitigation of Embedded Sploit Syndrome (HOTMESS) aims to evaluate the security posture of JACE devices and to analyze the layered-defense approaches used to mitigate their vulnerabilities to reduce the risk of physical damage and potential loss, both financial and human, due to cyber-attacks on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) networks.

HOTMESS is developing the following to assess the security posture of JACE controllers: 1. A cybersecurity vulnerability assessment tool that searches for vulnerabilities in JACE-like devices, enabling analysis and verification of potential vulnerabilities. 2. An evaluation environment for exploring vulnerabilities in these types critical system controllers, and the commercially available mitigation solutions to bridge the vulnerability gap. HOTMESS will demonstrate both the vulnerabilities, as well as possible mitigations of those vulnerabilities within JACE-like devices. It will evaluate available layered-defense approaches for securing JACE controllers to protect against the rising costs of cyber attacks and protect equipment from harm

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