Hardware in The Loop (HIL)


Project Overview: The emphasis of this technology evaluation is to further the Energy Innovation Lab’s capability to develop, test and evaluate control systems. It will serve as a test facility and training platform that has the potential to host and assist other ESTEP projects, minimizing risk and reducing cost to new or existing projects during transition from simulation to prototype. HIL testing capability will enable greater workforce development for the Energy Innovation Lab team and interns.

HIL capability will help achieve determinism by execution of real-time application on computer-
based hardware. Many entities will benefit from hardware in the loop engineers, interns and project managers. It may help with their ongoing projects, or help them with testing their hardware for future projects, implement selected tools to emulate current ESTEP projects (i.e. the DGS pier microgrid, microgrid control systems for energy village).

This two-year research project will add a new stand-alone test bed platform to SPAWAR SSC-
Pacific’s Energy Innovation Lab. HIL emulator and software will reside in the Energy Innovation Lab, providing a demonstration of the capabilities of HIL testing while remaining accessible to other projects. A standard operating procedure (SOP) will be created to assist potential users interested in testing and/or evaluating control systems. A technical report will be generated covering a market survey of available HIL tools, protocols for characterization and evaluation of HIL emulators, and review of ability to use and integrate evaluated HIL emulators into SPAWAR systems.

Intern Responsibilities: Software modeling of existing Micro-grid systems in Matlab Simulink. Integration of hardware with software modeling. Market Survey and get quotes of existing Products that project can use. Ability to use Matlab and adapt with new changes that take place when testing different technologies using same software.

Education Prerequisites: Electrical Engineer interested in working with Matlab Simulink. Computer Engineer with experience or know Matlab, Simulink and interested in working in Matlab project.

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