UAS Solar Charging


Overview: This ESTEP project will demonstrate wireless charging a UAV (multi-rotor at first, then fixed wing later) to enable unmanned ground charging stations. Generic payloads (cameras, radio-links) will also be tested to understand the full impact of a wireless charging payload on flight operations. At the end of the project, solar panels will be introduced to generate power for the wireless charging.

Responsibilities: IThe intern will assist Navy engineers in the study, design, fabrication, installation and testing of wireless power components on both the UAV and ground charging station. Development work will take place both in the lab and field. Generic payloads such as cameras and radio links will also be tested. The intern will also support documentation (powerpoint
slides, graphics and design drawings) of the project.

Considered Major(s):  Electrical Engineering

Qualifications: Hands-on, trial and error mentality. Must be comfortable

with circuits, testing, installation.

To apply, follow the application process and mention this opportunity when you fill out the form.