Networked Building Microgrid


Overview: The Networked Building Microgrid project will install and network two building level microgrids together in order to distribute power between microgrids. Project aims to reduce cost and achieve a zero net energy community concept by utilizing a modular microgrid design along with modeling and simulation..

Responsibilities: Interns will work to develop models of the networked microgrids using Simulink. Work will also include integration of controllers into the model using hardware in the loop and running simulations of the microgrid. Interns will also do market research of emerging microgrid technology.

Considered Major(s):  Electrical Engineering coursework, junior level. With preferred courses: Power systems, transmission and distribution, power electronics, matlab, electronics, and controls.

Qualifications: Looking for someone with interest in power systems and microgrids. Must be able to work independently with some direction.

To apply, follow the application process and mention this opportunity when you fill out the form.