Energy, Utility, and Emergency Response Solutions using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)


Overview: Utilize Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to gather visual, thermal, ultraviolet, and spatial electrical system data for modeling and visual inspection purposes. Researchers will also determine the required mission payload and sensor package to utilize UAS to gather data and assist in modeling critical energy infrastructure for integration into existing or newly developed mapping and/or virtual reality (VR) visualization software, performing maintenance inspections using visible light, infrared,

Responsibilities: Part-time veterans are sought to assist the PI in researching drone related technologies for use in utility inspections and emergency response applications. Additional duties will include devising test procedures and executing tests on sensor suites, performing sensor integration with UAS platform, performing tests in a controlled setting, and utilizing software APIs for controlling UAS through machine learning or closed loop algorithms. Will include hands-on work with UAS and software development.

Considered Major(s): Mechanical or Aerospace engineering with Basic programming course (i.e. MATLAB, Python, Java, C++, etc.).

Qualifications: Strong communicator with desire to learn and be flexible in performing tasks and a Full time student.

To apply, follow the application process and mention this opportunity when you fill out the form.