Waste to Hydrogen


Overview: The Waste to Hydrogen project investigates the feasibility of utilizing a Plasma Enhanced Melter to eliminate hazardous waste material while producing usable hydrogen gas as a fuel source for various fuel cell applications such as fuel cell power and vehicles. Project also looks into small applications of fuel cells and hydrogen storage such as metal hydrides.

Responsibilities: Assist PI and Project Engineers with assessing operational characteristics of Plasma Enhanced Melter and Pressure Swing Absorber system. Participate in the testing of equipment and development of project final analysis report. Project may require short travel to Washington State to observe testing.

Considered Major(s):  Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on thermal science or Chemical Engineering with emphasis in electrochemistry and hydrogen applications.

Qualifications: Preferred interests in fuel cells, hydrogen, alternative fuels, or energy storage.

To apply, follow the application process and mention this opportunity when you fill out the form.