Design and Simulation of Microgrids Using Real-Time Simulation


Overview: Develop simulation and hardware-in-the-loop testing capability at EXWC in order to accelerate adoption of microgrids by facilitating realistic demonstrations, lowering risk during testing, and enabling systems integration and testing prior to commissioning. The outcome of this work will reduce microgrid development cost, validate marketing claims, and reduce risk of equipment damage, as well as reduce deployment time.

Responsibilities: Perform modeling and simulation for microgrid related infrastructure and equipment utilizing MATLAB Simulink, Sim Power Systems, and the Opal-RT real time target simulator. Student will be responsible for incorporating new equipment assets into grid infrastructure models, verifying and validate the models, and perform tests using OpalRT.

Considered Major(s):  Electrical Engineering; Simulink or other applicable programming course; Power systems course

Qualifications: Interest in power systems or interest in computer modeling. 

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