Tunable LED


Overview: NAVFAC EXWC is tasked with evaluating and implementing new renewable energy technologies for the Navy. Projects include enhancing energy generation, cutting emerging energy technology and renewables, energy storage, management, efficiency and information dominance at naval facilities while utilizing innovative pre-commercial and/or nascent technologies/approaches and reducing cost and increasing energy security. We are currently searching for a mechanical engineer or architect to help perform various surveys, support cyber security administrative requirements, take performance measurements, data collection and analysis for new building technologies such as Tunable Light Emitting Diodes (LED). Tunable LED will be subjectively evaluated for such things as flicker, ease of installation and programing, acceptability of personnel, etc.

Responsibilities: Student will be responsible for taking baseline energy measurements, illumination and correlated color temperature (CCT) measurements this summer. Additionally, to determine preferred CCT by Navy personnel, LED pendent lighting that has the ability to adjust the CCT will be installed in selected Navy office spaces. After a period of time to adapt to and adjust lighting to the preferred CCT, measurements will be taken of individual work spaces and tabulated. Student will track and integrate the different requirements for various lighting designs, the CCT effects and preferences, and the cybersecurity requirements of the Navy.

Considered Major(s): Architect; Mechanical Engineering

Qualifications: Experience in data collection, controls, cyber security or lighting design is a plus.

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