SIREN Computer Modeling


Overview: The previous year completed software updates of the SIREN (Simulated integration of Renewable Energy Networks) computer program. This computer program has 2 functions: (1) sizing the combination of wind turbines, solar arrays, diesel generators, and energy storage systems to supply the electrical load of a micro-grid. (2) Dynamic analysis of critical weather events, i.e. the effect of gusty winds on wind turbine power and clouding events on solar array power. During the current year the updated software will be validated with a model of the Naval Outlying Landing Field San Nicolas Island micro-grid using. There will be additional independent study into how to integrate meteorological sensors into the computer program to perform real time simulation of a micro-grid.

Responsibilities: Use the SIREN computer program to perform sizing and dynamic analysis of the San Nicolas Island Micro-grid. Work independently from the SIREN Users Manual and Tutorial. Assist the principle investigator in writing a report on a method to design a micro-grid.

Considered Major(s): Mechanical Engineering; Electrical Engineering

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