Simulated Integration of Renewable Energy Networks (SIREN) Computer Modeling


Overview: Simulated Integration of Renewable Energy Networks (SIREN) Version 4.0. This is pre-commercial computer software that simulates the combination components of a micro-grid;
diesel generators, solar arrays, wind turbines, and energy storage systems to power the electrical loads. The software has two operating modes. Planning Mode is used for sizing and costing the components of a micro-grid. Dynamic Mode is used to check for grid disturbances, i.e. caused by gusty winds on wind turbines, clouds passing over solar arrays, or load changes when electrical loads drop off or come on line.

Intern Responsibilities: SIREN Version 4.0 has a tutorial based on a diesel generator-wind turbine-solar array-energy storage micro- grid at Naval Outlying Landing Field San Nicolas Island. The intern will teach himself/herself to use SIREN from the tutorial and compare the SIREN Version 4.0 model of SNI to other models that have been completed as assigned.

Considered Major(s): Mechanical Engineering; Electrical Engineering; completion of a course in circuits.

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