Microgrid Application IntegratioN and Software Tap for the ReCIst Energy Efficiency Tool (MAINSTREET)


Overview: MAINSTREET will survey existing microgrid energy management applications to
determine the types, quantities, and external accessibility of energy data collected during daily
operations. One application will be selected, installed in the SSC PAC Cyber-SCADA lab, and then
extended to make energy data accessible to external applications, specifically the ReCIst energy
efficiency evaluation tool (a concurrent ESTEP project). This energy data directly supports the ReCIst decision-making capability which includes a return on investment (ROI) component.

Intern Responsibilities: Participate as a team member in at least one of the following areas: survey
microgrid energy management applications for extensibility (Q2), assist in installation and management of the energy management tool, software development, database development, and testing performance of the integrated tool on the SSC PAC Cyber-SCADA lab. Interns will also participate in team activities such as site visits and meetings with external collaborators, as schedule permits.

Considered Major(s): Computer Science

Qualifications: Basic programming skills (language TBD, dependent on Q2 research). Desired skills: database experience, front-end development experience, experience working in industrial or energy systems environments.

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