Ad-hoc Portable Power Systems for Marine Test Facility (APPS)


Problem: Maritime testing at Navy waterfront facilities is often restricted by the availability of facility installed grid power and environmental impacts such as noise pollution or air emission restrictions.

Proposed Solution/Research: Test and evaluate a quiet portable power system which can be driven to any water front location to provide the Navy with day/night energy accessibility that is not restricted by access to facility grid power, environmental impacts and solar availability.

In Year 1, the intern will research a matrix of Ad-Hoc Portable Power Systems (APPS) that can provide on-site power generation or energy storage to support waterside testing. For example, candidate off-grid energy methods will be compared against conventional generator and battery alternatives for tradeoffs in: Size-Weight-and-Performance (SWaP), access to fuel, hazmat impact, portability, long vs short term testing, and cost. I.e. Fuel Cells (Methanol, Hydrogen, Borohydrate, Solar, etc) vs Conventional Power (Lead-Acid, Lithium batteries, Gasoline generator).

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