Investigating Multiple Renewable Powered Energy Storage Methods To Reduce Energy Costs


Overview: The project aims to reduce energy costs associated with facilities. This is being done by looking at the services required to maintain facilities such as cooling, heating and lighting. By looking at each system an optimal solution is sought that results in a robust renewable powered system that contains energy storage. At present we have ice storage for cooling, high temperature bricks for heating. The next phase of the project will be investigating supercapacitors for energy bridging and compressed air energy storage for shop air and electrical generation. 

Responsibilities: Perform data acquisition and analysis. Be prepared to be trained in the use of computer modeling software and analysis. Assist with design of system improvements. Assist with experiments to test system effectiveness. Document and prepare slides and assist with publication of system performance. Assist with activities at the laboratory that support the research activities. Assist in the preparation of documentation to present system performance to sponsoring agency.

Qualifications: Computer proficiency with Matlab, Ansys, SolidWorks. Experience with other similar programs.

To apply, follow the application process and mention this opportunity when you fill out the form.

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