Fuel Cell Vehicle Summer Training


Overview: Summer training includes a six-week workshop of formal training plus three-weeks of independent study on fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen fueling infrastructure. The curriculum covers hydrogen economy, safety considerations, vehicle service procedures, driver training, fueling procedures, fuel cell technology fundamentals, and technology development. The formal training will take place at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in San Diego County near Oceanside. Additionally, the course will include two to three field trips to off-site locations, including fueling stations, universities, and technology centers in Southern California.

Responsibilities: Student instruction includes hands-on learning activities on the vehicles, fuel cell systems, and hydrogen dispensing stations. The curriculum is designed such that the initial lessons are foundational to the future hands-on applications. The shop applications are a primary focus of the workshop. Students must have an interest and motivation participate in the hands-on learning exercises to fully benefit from the course. In addition to the formal training, students will have an independent study project evaluate the performance of the dispensing technology installed at the training facility.

Considered Major(s): Automotive Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering: thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluids

Electrical Engineering: circuit analysis, process controls.

Qualifications: Interest in vehicles, fuels, and powertrains; calculus; general chemistry;  hands-on automotive experience

To apply, follow the application process and mention this opportunity when you fill out the form.