Evaluation of Smart Microgrid Controllers For Distributed Energy Resources


Problem: Electrical power grids and local distribution networks are quickly becoming more complex as distributed energy resources (DERs) such as wind, solar photovoltaics and energy storage technologies are ever more prevalent. Distribution networks with multiple DERs and electrical loads require smart communication, monitoring and control concepts to ensure energy reliability, safety, and security.

Objective: Produce a virtual microgrid model using Simscape Power Systems software for evaluating advanced monitoring, management and control architectures and techniques for microgrid capabilities on DoD installations. Create a lab-scale microgrid testbed to evaluate communication and data acquisition methods. Demonstrate cost and benefit tradeoff and new capabilities that could result from these control architectures.

Education and Learning Opportunities: Exposure to MATLAB, Simscape Power Systems, ETAP, ArcGIS software, Arduino, Raspberry PI, Python. Working with solar photovoltaic panels, batteries, charge controllers, inverters. Data collection, data analytics, GUI’s and dashboards. Communication networks, database management and real-time data transfer. Microgrids, distributed energy resources, industrial monitoring and controls.

Qualifications: At minimum a junior student perusing a computer or electrical engineering degree and who can work with minimal supervision. Student who has knowledge and experience with GUI’s and embedded systems programming. (Arduino, Raspberry PI, Python). Student will be heavily involved in the programming portion of the project, so strong programming skills is a must.

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