Supercapacitor and Compressed Air Energy Storage

Naval Postgraduate School

Overview: We have a supercapacitor microgrid which is an excellent way of managing off-grid power. Long term energy storage is still needed though and we are using a building scale compressed air energy storage system to do this. The two systems are being integrated to form something that is robust, simple and can provide backup power when needed.

Intern Responsibilities: We are looking for someone who is passionate about energy and energy resilient systems. There are a number of different aspects to this project and the intern can pick one to focus on.

-The coupling of an air motor to an electric generator to charge the supercapacitors.

-The programming of mini-computers to automatically turn the air on and off as electricity is needed.

-A simulation of the system to see how efficient it is.

Considered Major(s): We accept most science and engineering major students. Mechanical, civil, electrical and electronic engineers. Physics, computer science and mathematics majors can also benefit. We are quite used to taking people from different fields and teaching them any additional knowledge that they may need.

Qualifications: Depending on the part of the project that is chosen will influence what sort of skills are required. Some knowledge of computers is useful but not required. Any hands on work that involved fixing or dismantling mechanical or electrical parts would be useful.

To apply, follow the application process and mention this opportunity when you fill out the form.