Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring for Load Disaggregation and Power Quality Analysis


Overview: The focus of this two-year technology evaluation project will be to determine which non-intrusive load monitoring solution(s) offer the best potential for building-level load disaggregation and power quality analysis. The first year will consist of a technology survey to determine, acquire and evaluate the most promising technologies. In the second year we will work with an energy manager for SPAWAR SSC-Pacific to select a building and technology to install a full-scale implementation for further evaluation.

Intern Responsibilities: 

-Assist in evaluation of load monitoring solutions
-Assist in evaluation of existing load disaggregation algorithms
-Development and testing of new load disaggregation algorithms
-Complete comparison of options including hardware monitoring and software analytics
-Summarize findings for final report

Education Prerequisites: Electrical/Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering


-Interests in power distribution, power quality, energy efficiency a plus
-Interests in installing and using hardware sensors and analytical software
-Willing to learn how to process large datasets
-Willing to conduct semi-independent research and report on findings

To apply, follow the application process and mention this opportunity when you fill out the form.