BCA for High Frequency Load Monitoring of HVAC Systems

Naval Postgraduate School

Overview: This study will conduct a BCA for using high-sample-rate energy monitors to reduce O&S costs for large HVAC systems. The research team will use prior studies to determine what types of faults, failures, and preventative maintenance needs can be diagnosed using high-sample-rate energy monitors on HVAC circuits, and will estimate the value of using that energy data to optimize system performance, troubleshoot performance issues, or prevent costly repairs.

Focus questions
• What types of malfunctions, faults, or failures can be diagnosed using HVAC energy use data? How would improved diagnostics affect repair and replacement costs for systems or components?
• What potential system optimizations or preventative maintenance needs can be diagnosed using HVAC energy use data? How do the potential cost savings compare to standard “best practices” for HVAC operation and maintenance?
• How does the potential ROI of HVAC system diagnostics scale with the amount of energy data collected and detail of analysis?

Intern Responsibilities: Assist in researching / reviewing prior studies on topics such as:
- HVAC failure rates
- HVAC diagnosis & troubleshooting
- DOD expenditure on HVAC maintenance and repair
- electrical monitoring systems

Assist in data analysis to determine potential ROI of high frequency load monitoring using HVAC energy data and documented failure rates.

Considered Major(s): Engineering or Business major

Qualifications: Preferred experience with Excel, preferred basic understanding of electric power or energy principles

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